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Care for New Injuries

Ice is nice.

What to do when you have a new injury…. The number one thing I teach my patients is to ice new injuries. It is the most difficult portion of the process to limit the inflammatory phase. If it is done well, we heal quickly. If not , the whole recovery is delayed. Please ice new injuries (except frost bite and muscle cramps). try ice in ten minute episodes and repeat hourly until visible or palpable swelling is gone. Heat can really increase swelling if the injury is new. My advice is , “when in doubt , ice is nice.”

What else is there beside ice for swelling? Enzymatic therapies work wonders on the muscle portion of injuries. I love boswellia, curcumin and inflavanoids. Also quercetin, turmeric and ginger if you like more ideas or need to avoid one of these due to allergies. We have these at the office for you convenience. Topical counter-irritants like menthol, china gel or biofreeze do not change the swelling but do give mild pain relief.