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Health Challenges

Back Issues.

Back problems are very common. Over 70% of the population will have serious, debilitating back trouble in their life. There is a myriad of causes of pain in the low back. I usually tell new patients that in our exam, we are distinguishing between nerve, joint, tendon, ligament, vessel, visceral or muscle problems. Please do not listen to the friend who has “the exact same thing”. Your friend is well meaning but inevitably wrong. Let us help you to direct your care in order to fix the problem. Masking the pain with painkillers or using a heating pad, cause the problem to become chronic. They feel good temporarily, but delay the healing process.
Many MD’s I know do not like to take the time to unravel the enigma of low back pain. They would rather bombard it with anti-inflammatories. They also often suggest waiting two weeks to let it get better. By the time you go see the physician, I imagine you don’t feel like sitting on it for another two weeks. I like to treat the patient the same day, if possible. Let’s take a look at it together and find the root of the problem.

Neck Pain.

This can vary in intensity for everyone. For some it is a simple pinched feeling that can be tolerated. For others it is a debilitating  pain limiting the movement of the neck or arms. Nothing feels better than relieving the tension that builds up from stress, lifting, or improper sleep positions. We will help you discover the cause and show you home therapies to assist your recovery.


There are at least twenty different forms of arthritis. You need to understand whether yours is inflammatory or not. This is key to treatment. If you heat an inflamed joint, it will delay recovery. Let us help you understand how best to manage the joint pain you are experiencing. Relief can be a phone call away (630)322-9522.

Sports Injuries.

One of the most asked questions by my patients is ” Do you  work on feet, legs, shoulders…?”  Yes!  My degree in sports medicine is training in these areas, beyond normal schooling for chiropractic care. I love helping people get back out doing the activities they love. Especially running, biking, swimming, golf,volleyball, bowling, tennis, hockey, &  hiking.