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Other Services

Bowers Chiropractic Center offers you much more than just traditional chiropractic services. These services are directed to catalyze your return to health. Please feel free to consult us on these items. We are adamant about helping you improve your condition. Make an appointment today and find out how Bowers Chiropractic Center can help you live your life to the fullest!

Lab Work
We offer the advanced services for blood saliva stool and /or hair analysis.  Commonly done are services like Vitamin D levels, cholesterol (lipid profiles), and food allergies.

Expectant Mothers
We have special tables which make adjusting more comfortable for the mother and baby!

Sports Medicine
We have a treadmill for running form/ gait analysis, muscle testing and performance enhancement.

Massage Therapy
We offer therapuetic massage and orthopedic massage in cooperation with the chiropractic care.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is one of our passions. We offer testing of the most contemporary kind. We feel that our products are the finest anywhere. We work daily on our clients’ nutritional challenges.

Blood Work
People are often suprised that we offer bloodwork. It is crucial to diagnose correctly. We use it to differentiate arthritis types(see paragraph on health challenges – arthritis) and headache origins.

Advanced Stretching

Heavy Metal Screenings

Gut Repair

Irritable bowel

Food allergies


Absorption Problems

Customizing Exercise Around Injuries